Hi from ND/MN

Hi from ND/MN

Hi, I am a 26y/o physical therapy graduate student (graduating in a few weeks). I just as of reciently asked God back into my heart and life. I grew up in the church but as time passed in college other ideas and plans took over my life. I finally made my way back to Christ about 6 weeks ago and can't begin to express how much more joy and happiness I feel in my life. I am also so thankful to have found this web site. I have been struggling with some issues in my life and am hoping to have some help and support with them. I guess thats all I have to share for now.


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Welcome back home to the family of Christ. I love to hear when a child of God returns home to His heavenly Father. God never let his Children stay away but for so long. Glad to have you here and we hope to hear from you soon.

Praise the LORD!
that is the most amazing news, and congradulations on your college accomplishments.

Great to have u here with us!
Welcome Amelzer, I know the feeling of coming back to Jesus after an absence. You wonder how you could have stayed away so long and denied yourself His presence and peace. I'm sure you'll get support with your issues and I feel that you too will be able to support and help others:)
Welcome, welcome, welcome.

I'm so happy to hear that you have recently come back to the Lord. What an exciting time this is for you, as you grow in your faith and His love and wisdom!

This is a great place for you to get support or the nourishment of God's word that you need. So glad you could join us!


Welcome to CFS my sister! You have come to the right place for good fellowship and biblical advice.:)