Hi From New Member

Oh, I appreciate a sense of humor also. So your" smart aleck" comments are appreciated and refreshing. I do try to be courteous, my wit, don't know if it's up to standard when compared to others, wisdom, don't think I have a market cornered on that for sure. I think maybe I'll accquire a little bit by bit by associating with those who do have wisdom and share it here for everyone. I like an easy going, friendly feel and I feed on other's good will; it's contageous but it's a good kind of affliction and is worthy of passing along to others. I'm far from being even a good Christian as yet but I hope to follow the Christ-like examples set by others here on the forum, your example certainly no less. Thank you for your support. I will try to be worthy of being afforded the opportunity to gain access to more privileges and I promise I will use any opportunities to help others as I discover what gifts I may have and am charged with using for the benefit of everyone here and in other avenues of Christian fellowship, wheather in church or out and about in the world, or at least my little corner of it. Thanks again Ginger. You have brightened my day considerablly also.