Hi from North Missouri!

Hi from North Missouri!

I'm new to this forum and not really sure if this is the place for me.
I am married, second time around, after a 38 yr marriage to my H.S. sweetheart which ended with him running off with my neighbor's wife, who was also a friend. I have 2 grown children, and 3 grandchildren. I was 3 yrs single on a mission to find a husband because I was afraid at my age of 56 that no man would be interested in me and I was sure that I didn't want to be alone. At that time I was a wreck and I luckily got hooked up with "Divorce Care" thru a local church. I began attending that church which was a church focused on seekers, which I consider myself one. I grew up attending church and Sunday school and gave my children that same opportunity. Thru "Divorce Care" I have learned that God allows the bad things to happen in your life to bring you closer to Him.
Even though I was seeking Him, I got in a hurry and didn't ask Him about my hurry to get married again. I met my current husband on-line and 3 1/2 mo. later, I retired from my RN job, sold my home and moved 4 hrs away. I knew pretty much right away that I had made a poor choice. My husband and I really didn't know each other that well and it was definitely a period of adjustment. I do think that God had a purpose for allowing me to make that choice. The move put me closer to my daughter and her family (a 5 hr. trip became just a 90 min. trip). A year ago, my daughter left her husband and her 2 children, ages 9 and 6. My being retired and so close was a blessing for the kids. I have been able to spend a lot of time with them. They seem to be doing pretty well. I have kept up a relationship with my daughter. Even though I don't agree or approve of what she has done, she is still my daughter and I love her. I pray for her.
My 3 yr. marriage is not a happy one. My husband believes that "Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior died for our sins" and we go to church together every Sunday. He is very stubborn and holds grudges against people, very unforgiving. He is very domineering and controlling. I am very unhappy and am looking for that comfort that folks tell me that Jesus can give. I attend 2 Bible study groups weekly besides church on Sunday. I know that I don't read the Bible enough and that I need some structure in my life. I basically have no close friends here where I've moved. My daughter and I used to be very close but she has changed. My 82 yr. old Mother who I used to exchange e-mails with daily had a major stroke in March and is probably not going to make it thru the year, so I have been dealing with that too. I need someone to talk to and I hope maybe this forum will help me get on the right path.
Hope this is not too much of an introduction. Thanks for reading.
Hi Casi

Welcome to CFS and thank you for being so open .

Looking forward to seeing your contribution to the mix


Hi Casi

Welcome to CFS and I believe you came to the right place. Praying for you! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!
Wow Casi - that is quite a mouthful. :( And I'm really, and truly, sorry that you have to go through this.
Please feel free to rant or anything on here. Just be cautious of the choice of words you use (as in, don't swear or something like that :p).
But we are here for ya. Even though we don't know you that well, you came on here for a REASON.
Hello Casi... welcome to the site.. Your husband maybe have this bad experience with people. It is hard to forgive yes, especially if you are not doing anything wrong and people kept on interfering your life... Just like my neighbors who always pay to the lives of others while they can't either have a goo d life of their own... Sigh
Hello Cassi and welcome to CFS. It was great reading through your life, i hope that your able to make a lot of new friends here and be blessed. Thanks for joining us btw

God Bless