Hi From Thailand

Hi everyone, I'm an Aussie and have lived in Thailand for the last 7 years. Having just moved to my wife's remote village, there not much in the way of English and especially Christian conversation. I hope to make some friends here and add some meaningful posts to discuss.
Hi, Paul. I hope that we can be an encouragement to you. You are in a challenging position, being far from home in a different culture. I pray that God will build you up and enable you to bring His light into that remote corner of the Earth.
Hi Rumely and Thank you.
been here 7 years so the cultural aspect isn't so hard. However even though I speak Thai to about 75%, since moving to the village I do miss normal conversation and discussing our walk with Him.
Joined another forum,but it is full of people who seemintent on judging others and discussing politics. NOT my cupof coffee I'm afraid. I'm hoping this forum is more friendly and that I can make some new friends here.
Heehee! Talking about religion is contentious enough. We avoid politics here. :D

What is the state of the Church in Thailand? Are there many Christians to be found?
Hi Rumley, that's good to know. Thailand is about 95-97% Buddhist the remaining 3-5% is Muslim, Christian and "other"
Christianity is making headway,but it a slow process. My wife is Buddhist, but she has started reading the New Testament in a Thai translation I gave her. She asks a lot of questions about verses and the parables,so that's a good sign. Now I'm trying to get her to come to Church with me, but unfortunately a few thousand years worth of tradition is hard to shake no to mention the in-laws :mad:
Overall it is pretty good though as the Thais (except my in-laws lol) are very tolerant people.