Hi Guys! Can I Ask For Some Education Affair?

I'm seventeen years old and I would like to study theology, but my education is not that good because I was lazy before in my primary until secondary school. But there is a time I've waked up in my age of 16 until now. So from my age of 16 I keep on study until now, but I'll be leaving school this year and it is almost end of the year already. Most of the theological seminary need certificate to get in, I'm so sad(just kidding). I'm praying for a seminary to God. And also I would like to ask some information from you guys.


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I don't know Malaysia, but I'm guessing there should be some way for you to get a diploma of some sort. If you don't know how, perhaps you could contact the seminary you want to attend and ask them to give you directions.
Not sure if this will you help, but you can try to email a missionary friend of ours in Cambodia-his name is Aaron Antonio. I do believe he is from the Philippines.


I have his email if you want to personal message me. Don't know if this would interest you:

Saint Anne Academy Binubusan Lian Batangas
[email protected]

USA sending church


The Lien Family