Hi im new here..

Hi im new here..

Well It's refreshing to be on a Christian site. :) I just got my account here today. I have a myspace account, but when I went into the Christian forums in there it not what I expected, alot of them were not Christians. It was hard to try to have conversations and talk about anything. I would like to say hello to everyone and I look forward to being a part of this forum :)
Welcome Melody. I just recently joined Myspace, and I have also found that many who claim "Christian" really are not. I don't understand how someone can put "Christian" on their profile and right next to that have some of the things that they do! :eek:
Yes well I agree, I am trying not to get caught up with the stuff in myspace so much. I enjoy my account, and I have made it pretty Christian-like. Alot of the stuff on their is garbage, and I feel I shouldnt be a part of it, I am going to try to stay away from that kind of stuff. Glad to be here.