Hi, I'm new

Hi, I'm new

Hi, My name is Pat. I'm a grandmother to 3 beautiful grandchildren! I live in the New England area and look forward to chatting with fellow Christians
Greetings & Blessings to ya Pat... I am also new here at this forum... I am glad to post ya my welcome to break the ice, so to speak, for both of us all at once eh! I am from Canada, and sadly have no marriage or kids, so no grandkids, and am 53 years old now, with fewer and fewer prospects of that ever chang'n! I'm happy in the Lord Jesus for the most part of my life, though lately I bin experiencing some loneliness anew.

Anyhoo, I hope we will both enjoy this forum and find great new friends to fellowship with too! :)
Welcome Pat
n dancin for GOD. Kick back and have some fun and serious learning from the peeps here. We are ALL hot
for Jesus :smiley90: I'm so glad you could join us sis Just call me Matt or Chili i answer to both
God Bless you abundantly!!

Chili out.:smiley10:
hello and welcome to the forums pat, hope you enjoy your stay here. Lots of great people on these forums.

God bless