Hi.... Its Blink69nix0

Hello everyone I joined minutes ago and i am very excited to know all of you. I want to know more about GOD. How GOD moved or changed you?. When it comes to GOD his everything in my life. I want to strengthen more and be more closer to my Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

I want to read and discuss about GOD coz he is our Creator. A loving and perfect father that your looking and longing for. For me GOD is everything to me.

I'm expecting more learning and gaining insights about people based from their experienced and many other things .

May GOD BLESS this forum site and more people will join and testify their stories.:)
A warm welcome to ya Blink. We are a bunch of friendly peeps learning from each other about the word of God and Jesus Christ. Please don't hesitate to ask us any thing. We are here for you. So have fun, learn and Love.
God Bless you sister.

Chili out.