Hi there, New here

Hello, peace to all.

I am new here, and wish to have a great journey with good christians. I am a mother of a beautiful daughter God has blest me, living in Malaysia and living a Godfearing life in the walk with Christ.

Its Christmas time, and I wish to bring up the spirit of Christmas religiously, in the spirit of the Lord within my heart soul and mind, cause we often forget that Christmas is about Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. I want to remember that time and time again.

God bless everyone.

Hi pinkcandel!!

Hey check this out sis. It will help you out here :)


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Oh, and I forgot to mention - I love your avatar. I used to be a BIG Garfield fan when I was growing up. My mom would buy me these comic books FILLED with Garfield comics! :) :) :) :)