Hi there!

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Hi there!

Hey, my name is Dori and I'm just getting started on this site. Am really looking forward to sharing and consorting with other Christians. I'm home all day and we don't have a church yet, so this is exciting for me.

Hope to see you all soon on here,



It is a pleasure to meet you Dori. I look forward to fellowshipping with you.:)
Welcome to our forum, Dori! Is that the Mississippi behind you? We are stuck in Dover, Md, right now at an AFB, trying to get back to Scott in St. Louis where our car is parked to get back home. So, it's nice to see a bit of home in your pic.

This is a wonderful forum. You will learn a lot and are able to share a lot. Have fun. Bonnie
Hey, Sweet Surrender, I'm in Missouri, and that picture was taken in the Branson area last summer! You say your car is in St. Louis, does that mean you live in MO somewhere, or.....?

And thanks to all who responded to me, you all made me feel really good.
ooops, Bonnie I replied to you in the wrong place! The picture was taken in the Branson, Missouri area last summer. We live in Missouri; you say your car is in St. Louis, but you're from mississippi??


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Hello Dori and welcome to the forum!!!

Nice to meet you!!!

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