Hi y'all

Hi y'all

Hello everyone. My name is Dora and I live in a tiny community, too tiny to be a town, in the middle of nowhere in Idaho. I found out about this site from a Jewish gal on another forum who was kind of miffed that she couldn't join. I told her that it looked as though the owners of the board had the option of an open board for her, and explained to her that sometimes Christians just want "family" time. I hope she understood.

Anyway, the idea of a Christian only site really appeals to me. I serve as a moderator on that other board, and the past couple of weeks have been tried by many trolls posting horrifically offensive posts. Frankly, it's nice to know that this is a safe haven.

I'm looking forward to getting to know some new "Friends"!


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Welcome to CFS, Handy. Your are right about us wanting a safe and family atmosphere. :) It's very difficult to maintain such an atmosphere if we were to allow anyone to join in. Anyway, everyone can still read our conversations and so....... :D


Hi Handy and welcome! Perhaps your Jewish friend will get saved and be able to join. That would be awesome as God's promises came thru the Jews. Jesus and 11 of the 12 Apostles were Jewish. Most of the New Testament was written by Jewish people. I will be praying for your friend.


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Hi and Welcome to this nice family!