Glad to be here. Been looking for a non uptight Christian forum for awhile, looks like this is the place.
Breaks are where the beat is stuttered, chopped, with fast stop and go action. It sounds like well constructed beatwork using old sampled percussion loops.

The Prodigy is a breakbeat band.
Welcome to CFS

Please do feel comfy here... you will find there is a terrfiic group of genuine Christ followers here, who are not judgmental and condemning and are truly supportive of eachother and our current DAILY walk on the earth with our Lord and savior, The Lord Jesus Christ Almighty, who is our example! Blessings, enjoy your stay here!

a Christian Sister godsdeborah for in my own case with Him I find I need HIM daily it NEVER gets boring with HIM!!! Neither should it be... HE directs the path and the POWER!! LUV & HUGE HUGS Deborah
Helloooooo!! Vivax. Hey jump aboard the Angel plane!

All of us are taking a ride to Heaven. The pilot is Jesus and I am HIS copilot. We have stewardesses dressed in pure white

We are serving dinner on this flight. The main course is called "The bread of life" for drinks we have living water.
we also have GREAT reading material. The title is The Bible.
We have all window seats so you can see everything. If you get tired we will give you a pillow made of clouds. It is very comfortable indeed. Also there is room for everybody on the planet! :smiley90: Hey and the best of all the tickets are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paid in full by our pilot Jesus. is HE generous or what!!? So
to CFS Vivax. Enjoy!

Brother Chili out.