Hello and it's good to be here. I am a newish newborn Christian with so much to learn and I hope to find answers to some of my questions here.


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HI Lee Ann. Welcome to the CFS :) We r jammed packed with the stuff your looking for. Feel free to roam about and git to know the gang. We r here to help in any way we can heheheheheheheheh. God Bless you sister

Chili out
Welcome, Lee-Ann. Feel free to wander about and make yourself at home. If you get hungry just open the fridge and help yourself to whatever looks good. :)
Hello, Lee-Ann :) That's my mom's name too! :) Except it's spelled Anne, and Anne is actually her middle name, but we call her Lee Anne lol. Except I don't, cos she's my mom ;)

Ask your questions! :) We'd love to answer and if you have any prayer requests, we'd love to pray for ya! :)
Your Mom must be really cool then! :cool: All us Lee-Ann's are! I've just posted a question and look forward to the replies. As for prayers .... I"ve never done a prayer request online but I do know that in my life I need to grow in my faith and to find out what God wants from me in this life, I know that when I find out what God's will is for me I will find the peace I am looking for. ;)