Hi, My name is Nancy and I am new to this site. And I just wanted to say thank you for letting me join. I do not go to church because I do not drive and I have no way to get there. My religion would be more Non Denominational. I was raised Baptist but after attending a non denominational church, I really felt at home there. I do not know many people in the town that I live in, But we hope to some how build a small house on our property some how some way, to get out of the apt that we are in, so that my husband can afford to purchase medical insurance on me as I have lots of medical problems and I also need surgery on my back as I have a really bad spine, degenerative arthritis , bone spurs and several bad disk, as well as nerve damage which is affecting my ability to walk very far and some other items that I do not understand. Also I am a diabetic and I have high blood pressure and I have lost lots of weight trying to help make me better, so far my blood pressure and diabetes is doing better but it did not help my back as I had hoped. I really have it rough time. I pray a lot for relief, I wake up in severe leg pain and severe feet pain at night, I wake up begging God for help, sometimes I can not move my legs when I am in the bed and my family has to come and move my legs for me and help me. Sometimes I want to give up but, I pray that I will get medical insurance one day and have the back surgery that I need. So all prayers for me would be much appreciated . I hope and pray that we can get a small house built sometime next year. I have a website for donations but it has not went over very well.
Hi welcome. I will be praying for you as well.

I have heard healthy eating is the best way for a variety of ailments. Try and eat more healthily and stay away from junk food.
Be strong.
Hiya Nancy! Nice to meet you. I'm putting you on my continual prayer list. Have you applied for disability? If your husband works, you may not get much, but you should be able to get medicare and if you get medicare you are a shoe in for medicaid. Then you can have the procedures that you need. Something to think about and talk over with your husband. God bless, Shalom.