What do you call the Holy Spirit?

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Fabulous! I am new, do you know about all the features of this site?
Yes, I have been around for quite a while. We have a new theme for the site today! Very shortly one of the moderators will post a welcome package. And that should help you get started with understanding more about this site.
Are there friends on this site?
Of course :D I can certainly say I have some friends from CFS.. More importantly, most of the members very well understand that we all are of the same family and heavenly kingdom.

We all better get along well on this earth.. Because we are going to be put up together in heaven!!
Do you know much about science?
I am not an expert.. But just like everyone else, I have been exposed to enough of science.. I used to be very interested in science, some years ago.. used to watch all the Nat Geo and Discovery programs on space exploration.. But these days, they don't generate enough interest for me.. Exploring Word of God has taken over precedence.. Bible gives more answers than what science gives..
I am working on Youtube comments to convert atheists to Christians.
Would you consider helping me?
I need a lot of science, and physics.
I may not be the best person for this! Though I am very interested in apologetics, I am not too strong on that.. May be you can start a separate thread on this? We have had some atheists on this website and some great discussions have happened. You can search around to find lot more information.


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Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Welcome to CFS my brother from another mother :):D Stick around here and have some fun and learn, laff, cry, pray, play and praise Jesus. You will meet a lot of cool Christians here. Again a warm welcome Littlegentleman. God Bless you abundantly ;)