Feb 13, 2015
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for letting me join your site.

I am an 18 year old college student, I really like to study the Bible and have discussions about it, I like to learn from more spiritually mature. I was saved at a young age, in fact, I don't recall ever not knowing God existed and wanted me to know who He is.

Other interests of mine are hunting, fishing, dirt bike riding, hanging out with friends.

I'm hoping this is a site that I can ask theological questions as well as discuss what is going on in my life without being attacked and accused, it would be awesome if this was such a site and what I have seen so far, it seems that most people here are spiritually mature and it's an edifying forum. I thank you for that and am looking forward to meeting everyone.

Sorry for the long intro. lol

Feb 11, 2015
Welcome aboard, youngster. Blessings! Ahhhh that's not that long :)
Peace unto you.....remember no question is ever stupid.


Welcome JCT,

You are now part of the family here at CFS.

You can ask any question you like, if you don't know the answer its not stupid.
Members here wont attack or accuse you as this isn't accepted here at CFS and is outlined in our forum rules.

We encourage intelligent discussions and not debates.

Hopefully this provides some reassurance.

A warm welcome again.
Feb 7, 2015
(y) Greetings Jesse,
I am so glad that you finally were aproved and are now in our beautiful family here.
Like I told you Brother this is not like where you or I came from. It's as different as day from night.

Look around and kick off your shoes and make your self at home. The staff around here is not only willing to help you out when you ask but, Jess check this out.....They are joyful when they do.... They also have common sense as well.

The members here are peaceful and helpful and polite, yep thats the word i said Jess, polite !!:rolleyes: Any way brother WELCOME and I am very Blessed to know that you are around here and I look forward to reading things from your heart for I know that you truly do have a heart after God !!
OH and, I think I miss the mustang......:ROFLMAO:
Love you Brother
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Feb 13, 2015
Thank you everyone! Your posts have made my day and I so appreciate the warm welcomes. I appreciate and feel blessed to have found a safe place to ask questions and seek some godly advice.

Be blessed everyone!