must be a guy thing
i like all games though
board games, card games, soccer, football, baseball, etc...
but im not too good at physical games generally but i do enjoy them

o and i love to ski
Hello and welcome fellow Junior Member! While I like all colors the dash lights in my new car are set on Purple. Purple adds to the mistory of ones own self. I am looking forward to hearing from you with other posts.:)


Hi youassassin and welcome. I hope you like it here.:D


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Hi, youassassin! And WELCOME TO THE FORUM!


yep so ask me stuff im bored

Welcome from another newbie to this forum. My youngest son just left his Wii gamesystem at home (he's in college in the Chicago area) and I've had fun playing some of the games that come with the system ... golf, ping-pong, bowling. What a riot!

:cool: Can't quite get the knack of the new systems . . . been too long since the Atari & early 8 bit systems, but hey a guy can always learn!! Have a good one.
Hello... welcome I suppose. Though I think it would be unsolicited of me to say that. Anyway, nice to meet you.

I don't understand the reference to assassins. But I like games.