Hi, All:
I'm new to this site. My husband and I moved to a new area about a week ago and haven't found a church home yet. We are in a small town which is also something very new to us. Both of us are used to bigger cities. Now we have to drive about ten miles just go get to a fairly large grocery store! Please pray that we'll find a welcoming church family soon.

Pastor Gary

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Certainly will... and in the mean time, please feel free to fellowship with our worldwide membership here at CFS. Christ is present "wherever two or more are gathered in His name" Matthew 18:20 (KJV), so make yourself at home here and may God bless.
Welcome Mayberry! As Pastor Gary already suggested until you find a local church family please feel welcome to fellowship with the CFS Family.
Will keep you and your husband in prayer that you will adjust to the small town setting.


Hi MBA and welcome to CFS. I hope you guys find a great church. I have been looking since I moved also. Lets press on until we find His perfect will for us all!

Welcome, Mayberry! I know you will enjoy it here!
Stop by the Coffee House sometime and have a cuppa! :D