Hiring a housekeeper.

Ive cleaned houses before, so from the other side, I would say, if you both agree on hours and what your expectations are and you trust that person then you will have a good relationship.

In the matter of expectations its a matter of being able to have enough time to do the job well. For example if someone is a hoarder and they expect someone else to clean their mess in a day well that is not realistic! People who work commericially cleaning often say they arent given enough time to do the job so they just give it a once over surface clean but they dont get into the nitty gritty. It could be they need to be there more often during the week for less time ir it could be once a week for more time. It also depends on how big a house you have to clean. Thank God for those who live within their means and dont have huge houses!

Also if you want a job done well, and you cant do it yourself, give clear instructions and the right tools, even writing it down if necessary, is good to avoid misunderstandings. Pray for graciousness because you are being the master to a servant. And always thank the person afterward as they are giving up their time to serve. Remember they have their own house to clean on top of yours!
I finally hired myself a full time maid, but not for every day. She will come every 2 weeks and as needed for now. I worker longer hours lately and I do not have time to clean properly myself. I was beginning to feel like Pig Pen from The Peanuts Gang. It was overwhelming and making me crazy. I am using my friends maid who has been with her for 20 years. I know I can trust this woman. She will also do whatever I need her to do that may not be a standard thing. You are right about clear instructions. Yesterday she did my house top to bottom. But next week I want her to concentrate on cleaning the baseboards throughout the entire house and floors. The next week may be something different. Its wonderful when you can find someone who does not follow a routine, but will do whatever needs to be done week to week. It's a blessing to me because I work a lot, it seams, and then I beat myself up for not cleaning better. I also thoroughly appreciate these people because I hate to clean. I am always so friendly to the cleaning staff in my building. They keep my office clean and my company. They are wonderful people and do a great job. We all have a place / job to do in this world and no one should ever go unnoticed and unappreciated it. I live alone, but if I could afford it, I would have a live in maid.. lol
Now that's just being spoiled.. hahaha
A live in maid is a daughter you who you wont let leave home. I know cos I am one. Its not easy cos I dont get paid and I'm a messy person myself. :-(. Well I call it being creative. But at least Im not a hoarder!

I was talking with my mum yesterday and she thinks im the most selfish person because I dont cook and clean or chauffer her around and be a mum to her. I used to do all these things but then she complained all the time and I ran out of energy. I now work outside of home because working inside home doing housework drove me nuts and up the wall my mum is a hard boss- and I could never meet her fussy expectations. Also if I touched any of her things or moved them slightly so I could clean and put things in order she got mad!! I had to spend an entire YEAR to sort out the house full of mum and dads stuff all over the place just so I could live there- dad used to put HIS stuff in my room! Couldnt even park the car in the garage cos of all their STUFF they never used! (Sorry about caps I dont know how to use italics on here)

Me im happy with a roof over my head, hot water and food, mum actually does not have to cook dinner at all because I can, or even clean but when I do it she just complains. She has a way of letting you know if you dont do it 'properly' even when you in the middle of doing something. Arrgh!

I thought about leaving home as thats what most people do but mum put up a fuss there too, I cant afford to anyway, and besides, why should I move, if I did she would have noone to boss around. I was thinking if I ever got married the poor guy would have my mum for a mother in law. So far have been blessed that nobody has seriously asked.
Although I think some men try it on with women when they ask them to live with them and not marry them. Will you be my maid- ah is that the same thing as a wife?

I think to be a proper live in maid someone ought to give me pocket money and a cute uniform. Mum forgot the pocket money part and the day off. And I had to buy my own clothes. Thankfully dad was a more reasonable boss.