His Fan Club

His Fan Club

I had a birthday party for my mom last night, and it was wonderful! She was so happy that someone remembered her. :)

Then my older sister came. She's always been a party-pooper, is always so competitive with everybody...you know.

Me and my mom started talking about Christ and the bible. My sister glared at me and said, "I hope you don't become a bible thumper!"

I told her that Jesus was present in my home, and if the topic burned her skin, she knew where the door was. I believe in God and Jesus, I said, so while she was in my home she should respect my views or sit quietly or leave.

"I believe in God," she told me, "I just don't believe in his fan club!"

Mom said: "If you'd kneal down and ask for his forgiveness, then you'd be a member of his fan club."

Later on, my mom commented on how she was having a hard time making ends meet. So I gave her some food for her to take home with her and some gas money.

My sister said: "Gee, I wish I had money between paydays!"

I told her "Join His fan club! It's one of the many benefits. You don't worry about food or money, because what you need is always there."

My sister troubles me. She's rude, can pull some dirty tricks when she's angry, and really tries my temper when she's in my home. She has two kids that my mom is raising, doesn't work, and is addicted to pain killers.

Me and Mom are going to try to crack her shell...:D

(Pray for us if you can, alright?)


I will pray for your sister- and for Godly wisdom for you!
Awww, shucks, Violet!

My sister was my dad's baby...I was my mom's baby. Now my dad seems to be holding the crummy end of the stick, he he he.

But we'll fix that right up! :)


Yes, we will, through prayer!!!
And you will be the main tool as an example of Christ!

I am proud to belong to His fan Cub! :cap:


:cool::cool::cool:.... Me too. And you know what Whirlwind ... because of your faithfulness the Lord will give you favour and some day your sister will bow her knee to the Lord... Am praying for her.