Hi there! I'm Spelk (aka Emma). I'm from England, and I've been a Christian for about ten years, but with a lot of backsliding in that period! I love reading the Bible and reading about different Christian issues, and I'm *definitely* on the liberal side of things, just to warn you. I'm particularly interested in mental health and Christianity as I have a mental health problem myself (bipolar) which I struggle with daily. Still God sends everything for a reason and I'm hoping that when I finish writing my website about those sort of issues, that other Christians will be blessed by my experience.
Anyway that was a bit deep! Hope to see you all in the forum!

Hi and welcome Emma!
My name is Tati (short for Tatiana) and I'm very happy to meet you! This site is pretty friendly so I'm sure while you're liberal that shouldn't case any issues :) I deal with anxiety and depression and I have always found it interesting how Christians use their faith to deal with these health issues. I have to be honest and say that when I've been very close to God (regardless if life is good or bad) I don't have as many health issues as when I'm further away from Him. Of course, I don't have any hard evidence to back that up (and I'm definitely a science person--- I teach that subject actually), but it is truly amazing what He can do.

Once again, WELCOME!! :)

Hi Emma, welcome to the site! It's always good to hear different viewpoints. I look forward to hearing from you on the forums, lot of good people here.
God Bless