Hi all! I'm new here! :dance:

I suppose I should tell a little about myself, although, I'm never sure of what I should actually write when these situations come about. I guess a quick "overview" will do.

My name is Annabel, I'm from Georgia, I haven't even turned 18 yet, August 3rd will come soon enough. I just graduated from high school, and I'll be attending Wesleyan College, an all women's college (actually, the very first women's college EVER, in the world!) in the fall. I've been walking the Christian journey since I was...well, able to walk. :rolleyes: I was raised in a United Methodist church, and have always said I was Methodist, however, recent visits to a "non-denominational" church may have proven different. The division between denominations confuses me, why not just Christian? We all answer to the same God, right? Anyway, I'm young and I have a lot of questions. I wanted to join a forum site to meet new people, receive new insights, learn of new ways, and mainly to praise the Lord. After search for a forum that seemed to suit me, I came along to this one. I'm excited to be a new member, and can't wait to meet y'all!


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Annabel, feel free to chat with anyone here and make friends. Welcome to our community. :D

Need help? Just let me know.
Welcome to CFS, Annabel. I'm not sure a place like this will take away any confusion since all Christian Websites are made up of people from different denominations and even non-Christians. I'm a 61-year-old grandpa in Florida, and I've been born again as Jesus said we must be since I was 17.