HM . i think this is praiseworthy .

Michael Collum

HM . i think this is praiseworthy .

I don't feel like i'm acting under any compulsion at all .

.. at all . i think this is a breakthrough .

thanks to everyone who helped by praying .

wow this .. feels so different . and amazing .

thanks Jesus .
I don't know exactly . but all those influences .. that used to surround me like an ocean .. it's like . i'm somewhere else now . and it is really peaceful . and i don't feel like i need to do anything . but i have the freedom to do stuff . which is great .

i don't think "i" have any words to describe this .

and i don't "want" to borrow any from anyone's mind . i just don't want to . and i don't have to . and it is great .
I've noticed at different times in my life I was struggling with something and I'd pray and pray but seemed to get no results. Then one day I'd wake up, and it was gone! It was just the grace of God! Thank you Lord!
Ever got the feeling that it's better to say nothing?

as soon as you say you feel better all this crap starts to happen . or maybe it's just me ;)

but this has reminded me of something i forgot . this should be permanent soon enough .

but i'll have to say nothing about it though . i dunno . speaking about it seemed to stress someone out .

and all that stress was projected onto my body . so odd . but as a plus . still not surrounded by all that weirdness .

it tries to encroach but . i guess i can see it for what it is now?

thank God .