Hold fast to what you have

If you won't "Serve" here - why would you do it somewhere far off? This is an interesting aspect of the Missionary experience... Looking for Great Works to be done Far Off... Certainly, some people are called for that.... but I believe most are not...

Think of Naaman the Syrian (2nd Kings 5).... Commanded to simply wash in the Jordan river. Naaman is furious... His servant says - If the prophet had given you some great task to do - would you not have done it? How much more if he simply says bathe in the Jordan and he healed?

Think of the Man with the Legion of Demons among the tombs (Mark 5, Luke 8) - and he wanted to go and leave with Jesus... and Jesus forbade him, requiring him to stay there and preach to his own people.... Tell them the great things God has done for you!

See... Think of the great missionary churches of Europe and England... Who changed the ENTIRE WORLD.... and where are they now? Think that Christian Churches in America, South America, Asia, and Africa are sending MISSIONARIES to Europe, Russia, and England NOW....

It's the focus on Great Works rather than the focus on Holding what you HAVE... Think of Israel... What was their GREATEST challenge? Winning the land? The Exodus? No WAY! Their Greatest Challenge was HOLDING FAST TO WHAT THEY HAD!

2 churches in Revelation are called to "Hold Fast what they Have"... Thyatira Rev 2:25 and Philadelphia 3:11... Interesting how thyatira is a mixed report - much good, but also much trouble from false teachers... They are called to Hold Fast to what they have... but look at Philadelphia... Nothing BAD is said about them... but yet - they ALSO have the command to Hold Fast to what they have... WHY?

2 churches in Paul's Epistles are called to hold to the Doctrines they have received from Paul... Galatians 1:9 and 2nd Cor 8:11

We are always looking to go somewhere else and do something Special and Glorious..... That's fine and great, but the REAL challenge is HOLDING FAST... It's maintaining what you already have....

Think of this in perspective of the churches... How many churches are intentionally growing leadership INSIDE.. Establishing and filling up a pipeline full of leaders and mature Christians to step into duties and to go and DO the work of God... Equipped for the conducting of the business of their own personal ministries... How many are leading new converts from the Milk to the Meat INTENTIONALLY... How many have programs established to tutor and guide and encourage and teach and coach.... To bring them up?