Holiday Spirit Humor I hope

Holiday Spirit Humor I hope

I am part Sicilian, part Spanish, a wee-bit African, part Native American ( Ojibwa from St Lawrence River region ), part English, Scottish, Welsh --and all peoples who invaded ( I mean settled in Britton ), like french, Germanic, etc.,

And as such, I look more Sicilian than anything. And I resent that all You other mostly "White" people, get "Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer," and we get "Dominic The Christmass Donkey"??????????????

What the heck is all that about????????????????????

So until I heard about the English Teacher, in South Africa, who was expelled from that particular country, back to England, for allowing Her students to name a teddy bear "Mohhamad,"

I had been thinking about extending Holidy goodwill by creating My own song "Mohhamad the Ramadan Donkey," but now must think twice about that one:rolleyes:


Hey Mike .... Somehow I don't think it would fly and you might end up in jail and I would hate to see you eating bread and water for your Christmas dinner..... sooooo take my advice ..... forget it.... He He :D:D:D Bad idea.

And you might be better to sing the song Some sweet day when my life is o're I'll fly away.

For the United States Of America, Norad just released the latest in Homeland Security Measures: "Rudolf the Red Shift Radar, had a very Special Range, and if it ever saw the missles comming, would give us a very good early time to be safe...All of the other Radars, used to laugh and doubt it would work, but Rudolf the Red Shift Radar, works for only 400 Trillion Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"