Hollywood Revenue Down

Across North America box office takings were down 15 per cent – the worst summer in eight years – and the biggest year-on-year collapse in three decades.
For the first time since 2001, no single movie made $300 million and none of them even came close. In July alone box office receipts were down 30 per cent.
UK telegraph

All the young guys these days are playing games, not going to the movies,
so you would think the future of cinemas is to go interactive game arena style?
I don't know for sure but I would guess part the reason is that younger people are finding other interests, particularly with mobile devices. I'd guess piracy does play a part but I'd guess that part is overplayed. Maybe I'm wrong though - I'm just speculating.

As for my age and as for personal piracy:

I'm 53 and I basically found myself moving out of the areas where I might be tempted:

Music, while I do sometimes listen to things (older songs - I wouldn't have a clue about current charts), although I currently feel I need a change of direction (have been wondering is any of the local churches have anything I might fit in with) from Irish sessions, basically I get more out of sitting down with others making our own music than I do listening to commercial recordings.

Cinema - never really was an attraction. Last film I went to see believe it or not was Dumbo with a few friends all sort of 18/19 yr olds. It's never really been an attraction to me and I have no problems picking anything I might choose to watch from things that come round on free to air tv.

Software. Yes I have got tempted in the past. Linux changed that for me, not only did I prefer it as a stable OS, I got to appreciate free open source software. I'm not going to argue someone should not be able to make a living out of programming or to put a value on a piece of software, just saying I was quite taken by what was available for free. Also with software, with minor things, I'm prepared to give it a go and see if I can write the solution I need.

So I'm old and a very odd one. I feel people can get bound to the next temptation and that once a want comes in, the next step can be to justify your action in getting it for free... but it is possible to be largely removed it all and, from a personal veiwpoint, not being driven by media companies is a state I prefer.
I don't mind saying i'm even older then boltardy,
yes I agree piracy is a major concern, if you download illegally its theft, pure and simple. your stealing.
if a bunch of people are looting and you loot, it don't matter what everyone else is doing, your the criminal,
you have allowed yourself to become criminalised by the actions of others.
As for me,
I only own movies I buy on DVD, a Christian did give me a couple of burnt copies he got from somewhere but I threw them away as I refuse to have anything in my house that is stolen, I did watch them once which was wrong of me but they were not movies I would
go to see anyway, since then I've tightened my own moral code on burned downloads,
I do download music but only what I pay for from iTunes.
I go to the movies about five times a year and sometimes because you can't really appreciate some movies on a small TV,
when for only 11 bucks or whatever you can have the cinema theatre experience.
I understand not having money,
sometimes, and I include recently,
I was so broke I would not buy cup of coffee cause the three dollars was a lot of money,
but even though I was broke I would not consider stealing movies or music or books.
Poverty is not an excuse for criminality.