This, is a thought as beautiful and scary, as watching the world through the window in a plane. Far below you it spreads out in all its beauty.

God who is Holy, is always present in your life
on your best of days and on the worst
In pleasure and pain
sickness and health
in the sunlight of the day
in the darkness of the night
God loves us all, but for God to become a part of your life, you have to accept His son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
"Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him."
John 14:23
Jesus said that if we love Him, He will come to live with us. How is that possible? God is Holy, surely He would not come to live with me? Holiness surely is such a thing that it must be kept in a sterile and clean environment, such as a Sunday morning worship service? Clean clothes, hair combed, nodding off with a holy look on the face as the pastor preaches. That must be Holiness, that must be where God is?
Yes, He is there. A word of warning though! The pastor may not see that you are sleeping, much less your dreams. But you cannot hide from God. He knows! Still He loves you.
As strange as it now sounds to me, I used to separate my life into moments when God was a part of my life, and when He was not.
Holy, is a very big word. God is Holy. Not understanding what it meant, separated me from Him. It created a huge canyon between me and God, that I could not cross. God is Holy and we must worship Him and love Him from afar, I thought. How is it possible to love Him from afar? I don't think that it is!
Those were my thoughts. I guess that was some sort of religious reverence. But Jesus said that He will come to live with us, if we love Him!
That means, when I wake up from napping in church (just kidding!) and go home, he comes with me. That is scary! Everything is in a mess, the toilet needs cleaning, and the dishes needs to go in the dishwasher. Oops! He did not say He only came to visit, He came to stay! Now my situation seems totally hopeless. There is no way that I can keep my house, much less my life spotless twentyfourseven.
How is it possible that God who is Holy, would want to live with me? All the time, every day? I begin to realize that Holiness must mean something different from what I thought it meant. I thought it was untouchable. I thought it was boring. A description of who God was. Something that had nothing to do with me.
Holy is everything that God is. As I come to know Him, I realize that He is not boring. Holy is PURE LIFE, separated from sin. It is the true ecstasy of a life together with God. It is a life that sees the sunlight play across the ripples of a lake. Hears the sound of leaves rustling in the autumn wind. The brightness of lightning in the middle of the night, as the thunder cracks. It is the touch of the one you love.