Home selling advice

Home selling advice

we are getting ready to transfer from Charleston, SC to where ever the Navy sends us. This will be happening in December 07. But we are trying to sell our house now so we don't have to worry about it after the twins are born since we'll be really busy taking care of them. Does anyone have any experience selling a house? I would appreciate any tips or advice. It is being advertised on the web. Let me know if you think you'd be able to help by seeing the web advertisement.
Can you share the link with us?

Here are some things I know.

Make sure your kitchen countertops are almost bare because it makes it look like there is more of them.

Pack away all little knick knacks and extras because it makes the house feel small and cluttered.

If possible, paint all walls in shades of white because that too makes rooms appear bigger.

Use all the mirrors you can in rooms, another trick in making a room appear larger.

Keep all decor at a minimum no matter how pretty you may think it is.
The simpler the home appears, the better.
And good luck!
Bless you all,
alright, if you got to www.realtor.com type in 29456 for the zip code and click the "go" under "view on map", it is Showcase #7. If you guys know anyone moving to the Charleston, SC area Point them to our house:) It's a great first time home owner, home.
It's a very cute house.
How long has it been on the market and have you had anyone at all interested yet?
I'll be praying for your situation!
On the market for about 2 weeks, we've had lots of people coming to see it but no one has made any offers yet. My wife is getting discouraged, she is almost ready to have the twins and then it'll be impossible for us to keep the house clean and get out whenever the realtors want to show the house. We would appreciate your prayers.
I will pray and seriously think about the tips I posted~makes a bigger difference than you might realize!
Good News

We have just received an offer on our house, we are very excited. Pray that God has sent the right people.:pray:
Sorry for the delay, it's been a little busy. We do have a serious buyer! They have settled for a price and we are waiting for an inspector then we'll be closing the deal.

Here is an awesome little testimony on it. We were wondering what we were going to do after we sold the house. I wasn't scheduled to leave (transfer out of Charleston, SC) until November time frame, but we wanted to have the house sold before the twins were born. We put the house on the market, and sold quickly (on the market about 2 weeks), which is a poor sellers market right now. We then started talking with the military base housing people and they told me I couldn't move in unless I was going to be in the area at least 4 months. Well guess what?! The people who are buying the house want us out July 31st. Which gives us August, September, October, November... exactly 4 months left in the Area. Oh yeah, and they have only one 5 bedroom house left open, which will be perfect for our huge family. We've set it up so we'll have the keys for our new house on the 25th. We are just waiting for the Home inspection, and praying that it goes well!!! Thanks for the tips and prayers Violet. :D

Isn't God good!?
The inspectors came by and said it was a good looking home. They pointed out a couple of small issues and brought up an issue of water stains under the house. The buyers said that they wanted us to resolve all of these issues. We tried looking at them and to see what we could do, but most of it was little cosmetic things that we felt could be taken care of when they bought the house. As far as the water stains, our termite inspector said he noticed them too, but said he didn't think it was a strucural problem. We told him that before we bought the house they had a leak in their bathroom but they fixed it before we bought it. He said it was probably from that then. We told the buyers we just had twins and didn't really have time to deal with the little issues and that the termite inspector didn't think there were any issues under the house. They understood the small issues thing but were still concerned with the spots under the house so they brought out a third person to look at it. He looked at it and thought our shower was leaking, so he was going to try and find the leak and quote us a repair price. I ran the shower and he said he couldn't find it, so it wasn't the shower. (what a relief) He said it looks like just left over stains. He said it was structuraly good too. Their realtor asked if there was anything we could do to make sure there isn't going to be any issues in the future. He said there wasn't really anything, but a moisture cover under the whole house would be good. Then their realtor started implying that She would call the buyer and let them know it was okay, and let them know that they should have a moisture cover. I thought to myself I hope they don't want us to pay for that, and then I asked my realtor if that is what they were expecting. Our realtor said He would pay for it so it would get taken care of. He said the realty market isn't that great right now and wouldn't want us to start the whole process over in November, which is what we were going to do if it didn't sell this time. So our house is officially Sold. We moved the closing date back a couple of days to allow for the process to finish. and that is all we are waiting for.