hope to contribute as much as I learn

hope to contribute as much as I learn

I wanted to say Hi and stop lurking about.

I believe the word 'Godsmack" grossly understates my current walk with the
Lord, but i got a good laugh out of it and so I'll keep it for now.

I don't' know there version?
not knowing enough to trust in him and follow his lead has forced him to give me a "Godsmack" ...more like being dragged by a truck to get my full and undivided attention.
Boy am i acutely aware of his unwillingness to lose any of us!
What was the bands version? now i am interested.....
Hey Tom-

Welcome to CFS. We pray you will be touched by God as the others here have been. We enjoy others inputs to learn from as much as we enjoy discussing topics on God's Word to grow in God more.

God Bless!!
Hi "Godsmacked"...:D
so He got you with a 'heavenly 2 by 4 did He?'...
funny how He can get us so gently;)
Welcome to CS Tom

Tom. Looking forward to getting to know you better, and sharing with you your Christian walk.

I vaugely remember the interview-rebelradio, about a month before they got signed, something bad happened to one of the band members and the singer said 'See, that's just like God smacking you for it.' That was about 10 years ago. I looked it up to see exactly what it was. A lot of sites said it came from an aliceinchains song, this is prob. right:

One of the band members had a cold sore. Sully Erna, the lead singer, made fun of him for it. The next morning, Sully woke up with a cold sore, and the band members said "God Smacked you." The name sounded good, and it stuck.