horror movies

horror movies

who likes horror movies? i loe them, i liek to be scared lol i dont get scared by them, i just liek the suspense and entertainemnt factor. and alot of horror moviesare kinda like history lessons becous they are based on true stories, like: texas chainsaw massacre, amityville horror, an american haunting. my favorite horror movie is "the reaping" its about biblical prophecies, and "the omen" is about the anti-christ. the only horror movie i cant watch is "the grudge" its too scary. i also like the classic horror movie "it"
I grew up watching scary movies and I still like them with some exceptions- there are some nowadays that are not fit for a human to watch- just gross to the point of disgusting- but yep I still am like a kid when it comes to good sci-fi!
"see no evil" was kinda gross, not too gross but it had parts that your like "ouch, that had to hurt" and saw is a little grosser than that, buti liek saw's messege, be greatful and dont life for granted
Meh. I went until I was in my 20s avoiding horror movies like the plague because I was told how they were "evil" and stuff. So, when someone finally convinced me to watch some, I went into full-on overload. I watched everything I could put my hands on. To this day, I still like going out and watching some old B-movies, but it takes a LOT to actually scare me. I don't really enjoy much of the new stuff, though I do enjoy the occasional zombie flick now and again. But then again, what self-respecting goth wouldn't enjoy some great Ed Wood or George Romero movies now and then?
Tempering our Minds

A couple years ago I was on a business trip staying in a local hotel. I started watching the movie Hannibal in the room and came to the scene where Hannibal chops the top of the guys head off and starts cutting out bits of his brain to saute. It made me physically ill and I had to turn the show off. I was fairly traumatized by the scene.

Skip forward a year and I decided to finish watching the movie. This time I wasn't upset, ill or disturbed by the scene. I was able to finish the movie.

Looking back It seems that I was tempered to accept this horrific violence against man. Why wasn't I sick when I viewed the movie for a second time? Because I learned to accept that reality, movie or not, I accepted it into my life.

Would God approve of me feeding myself that filth and becoming immune to the wicked imagery seen in that movie? I doubt it very strongly.

Would Satan approve of me feeding myself that filth and becoming immune to the wicked imagery seen in that movie? I bet he would.

Just my thoughts folks.

The only scary movie i will ever watch.. and be genuinly terrified of is the Exorcist... that movie to this day still scares me to death.