How Are You Guys Doing?

well for me, I've been working a couple of days at Popeye's and terrified when I learned " training" was thrusting me out there.. and I was pretty scared to go back and kinda hid out BC of fear and I need glasses to see. Now that I got glasses ..and talked to my manager ..I'm just waiting to be back on the schedule.. but I'm nervous.. yet at the same time ready to overcome my fear . Then there's dorm...I'm excited BC the school I'm going to is like paradise and has lots of food ...nervous about being away from home so I'm definitely coming home on the weekends. AAnd then my friend is about to have a baby :) and she wants to see me...I'm really happy for her and want to be there when she has the baby. Basically... slowly but surely my life is getting more interesting ^^pplans? not much might wish my bestie a happy day tommorow. x33

The end
Good to hear from you pancakes. I am glad to hear you got a job and are getting ready to go to school. Stay alert to the devices of the 'devil' and be "in" the world as a shining example of Christ, but not "of" the world. God bless you richly and give you wisdom in your way.

Brother Mike (AKA: dirtyrottensinner)