How Busy Are You?


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To be honest I find very difficult to manage my time between work, family and God. Sometimes I feel I have failed to give time to God in prayer and ministry work. How do you manage to spend your time? Is it easy for you?
I let the Lord manage my time....I have no idea how to do it.

If we let Him, He will be our Plan-maker.
Can I come live with you Rusty? :D
Sure thing...Got a whole separate apartment in my house just for that purpose.

But seriously: God as our Plan-maker is a deep study, which, once things have settled down a bit on the forum, I would be pleased to open up.....It's a wonderful way to live.
I think the key to Jeff's dilemma is weeding out the carnal stuff and seeking what is important to God first....

I am no good at that either...

Maybe my idea of what is important to God is way from what He deems important; or maybe I am just not walking the straight path like I should?
Colossians 3:17
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father ...

Colossians 3:23
And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.

I am also busy and having a shifting schedule (coz im a nurse) really hinders me to participate in ministry.

I found this verse and i believe that eventhough I am busy with other things, I can still please God thru my actions., where ever i am.

God knows me and my reason.

Please correct me if am wrong.
it is also essential to sorround urself with Christians, they will help and give u inspirations to live ur life the way u should. that's my reason in joining this forum :) hope we can strengthen each other :) God bless.
Well in essence I agree with; however it should be noted that the Lord would not be pleased if we intentionally put ourselves in unholy circumstances and then try to proclaim we are 'doing something in the name of the Lord.'

Thus; you could also argue that we live in a sinful world and and we are to be 'the light/ salt' of the earth under any circumstances. Which is a truth.

But we have to be careful as to whether or not God leads us into fallow ground or if we put ourselves there and expect Him to get us out. I think there is a fine line between doing His will and thinking we are doing His will.

That's why we should ALWAYS live as Christians. Thankfully we have a forgiving God-He abhors hypocrisy, but He loves us enough to forgive us...
i dont know also brother mike. i consider myself as baby Christian who still needs milk.. i dont know God's plan with my life.,how am i suppose to know.,i cant hear Him. i've heard some Christian saying he is doing God's will.,but me, i cant say that.

what i am just doing is, showing others that Im Christian thru my actions. maybe I'll be a living testimony to them, but sometimes I am afaid also that maybe they will think I am hypocrite.

i am not in very good situation right now but i am looking positively on it. i am trashing all negativity...whether good or bad i am thanking God. (it is not so bad afterall)

how a Christian suppose to live in this world anyway. pls give some light.
I don't think the Bible-Jesus ever said it would be easy; in fact I am pretty sure it is a continuous battle. It's all about the weapons and armor we use like Paul said in Ephesians 6.

The point is is: we as Christians are in this world TEMPORARILY! Our goal here on this earth is to learn to recognize truth and evil so we do not harbor 'iniquity in our hearts' when we get to heaven. But more importantly; we 'hear' God when we push our fleshy selves out of the way and begin to obey Him and repel/ repent from the world: it has to start with obedience t His Word, then our hearts will be changed through the Holy Spirit to desire to do 'Good' and walk closer to God so when He does 'speak' there is nothing blocking our hearing.