How Can These Things Be?

Nov 12, 2007
How Can These Things Be?

Here is a poem that a Messianic Jew gave to me. He spends a lot of time in nature, and has a pure heart. Enjoy.

How Can These Things Be?

I'll tell you of a place, dear soul, a world that you'll soon see,
That's full of bright, amazing things which are and cannot be.
By day a fire hangs in the sky to give all warmth and light.
Then as a cloth with jewels inlaid that glisten all the night.
Displays of purple, pink, red, gold and blue that paint the skies.
Enormous water tank are there, like floating cotton balls.
That give drink by each sparkling, small, soft pellet with it falls.

There's grass that grows upon the hills, like hair out of a head;
From tiny seeds burst towering trees that bring awe and dread.
A hundred million ribbons of all shapes and colors grow,
which fill the air with fragrances . . . just how, we do not know.
And little colored tapestries here decorate the skies;
They flutter, glide and dance about: We call them butterflies.
There's food that grows right from the ground, some savory and some sweet;
Ten thousand flowers here await discovery of each treat.

With beasts that build, and birds that speak, and worms that spin us silk,
And leaf-like bugs and star-like snow, and glimmering soft beach sand,
Be sure to thank Him every day you wake in wonderland.
So many things to tell you of! So much astonishing!
And each of them with wisdom is made by our artist-king.
At first you'll only stare in awe at everything you see
When you are born into this world that is and cannot be.