How Could...



How Could...

I've been waking up with songs in my head again, but this time it wasn't one that I know of, I guess I made it up while I was sleeping.

"How could anyone turn away
from Your beautiful face?

How could anyone go astray
after walking in Your grace?"
Those are nice words...
maybe the Lord is giving you "songs in the night"...

I remember (I am a songwriter/worship leader) the time I woke up just singing praises to God...I paused but kept singing in my spirit and asked "Lord do you want me to write this down" (I would keep my tape recorder (now digital recorder) at my bedside with a pad of paper...are you ready for this answer?)

The Lord answered "No, this one is only for ME" :p:D;)

Thanks for making me smile today...
blessings to you.