How do I redeem myself?

May 25, 2007
How do I redeem myself?

Okay a couple of months after I got saved, I wanted to be busy in the church doing something. I was on youtube oneday I think just looking around at different stuff when I ran across liturgical dancing and Oh My Goodness I was in love! I began do just have a down pour of ideas and themes and all kinda stuff popping in my head left and right. I presented it to some in my old church that I was attending but my pastor didnt allow a lot of things and some people in higher positions where working against me. I got really dicouraged and basically left the church. I have just been avoiding God although thats impossible but just doing everything opposite of what a christian should do. But I recently asked for forgiveness and I believe I am forgiven. Now I want to come back to church and do what God layed on my heart to do. I am now attending a different church which does allow liturgical dancing. How do I go about doing that? I feel embarassed about my lifestyle up until a couple of days ago and I dont want to be shot down and discouraged again. I just need some advice.


May 13, 2007
What is behind you is behind you!
Don't look back, only forward!
Don't you dare think you are the only one who has slipped from God's hold and made bad mistakes.
I have found that most of the time the ones who point the fingers the most are also the ones who need renewed themselves!
Don't ever let anyone look down on you when you are serving God. He is greater than any of them, Caresse~
It is what HE thinks that matters, not what any person may think of you!

Apr 3, 2007
" I am now attending a different church which does allow liturgical dancing. How do I go about doing that? I feel embarassed about my lifestyle up until a couple of days ago and I dont want to be shot down and discouraged again. I just need some advice."

I had to look up the word "liturgial". Our church does this too. It is powerful.
Did not Jesus forgive you? Are not your sins cast so far away as the East is from the West? (Casting Crown song BTW ;)).

When the Lord begins to push us forward, we instictively pull back. It's unfamiliar territory. Failure really isn't failure either, it's just weeding out what doesn't work.
Failure is when we don't get up and try again.
Do not be embarassed or discouraged my sister, but be encouraged in the Holy Ghost! You are of a royal priesthood, a cherished daughter of the Almighty!
I pray in agreement for a right time to share your testimony with some members of your new church. It is a testimony cause you have pulled through this pain. Become a part of the drama team! Can you sing too? Do it! Do it for God's glory! Amen.:):groupray:


Once we confess and repent we are forgiven. It is often the guilt that resides between our ears that holds us back. Once God forgives us He chooses to remember those things no more and He keeps no record of what has been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Read the following scripture carefully and apply it to your life:
Rom 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
Rom 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.
Pray this:
Father in Jesus Name
I am no longer under guilt and condemnation as Christ has set me free- I am worthy because He has made me worthy. When my God looks at me He sees the righteousness of His Son and I am accepted even as Jesus is accepted. I am a new creature in Christ. As your Word declares :
1Jn 3:20 For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.
I am free and forgiven in Jesus Name, I choose to seek You and serve you Lord. Help me to see with Your eyes and understand with Your heart. Use me for Your glory Lord. In Jesus Name I pray, believing I receive amen.


Amen Thanks for your advice that is so true it is me holding me back! I know what I need to do. Thanks for the prayer I am going to get my self and thoughts together and talk to the pastor.
The pleasure was mine sister. How many times have we each messed up and God taken us back? Who knows, He doesn't keep count.

Grace:1. charis (G5485) has various uses, (a) objective, that which bestows or occasions pleasure, delight, or causes favorable regard; it is applied, e.g., to beauty, or gracefulness of person, Luk_2:40; act, 2Co_8:6, or speech, Luk_4:22, RV, "words of grace" (KJV, "gracious words"); Col_4:6; (b) subjective, (1) on the part of the bestower, the friendly disposition from which the kindly act proceeds, graciousness, loving-kindness, goodwill generally, e.g., Act_7:10; especially with reference to the divine favor or "grace," e.g., Act_14:26; in this respect there is stress on its freeness and universality, its spontaneous character, as in the case of God's redemptive mercy, and the pleasure or joy He designs for the recipient; thus it is set in contrast with debt, Rom_4:4, Rom_4:16, with works, Rom_11:6, and with law, Joh_1:17; see also, e.g., Rom_6:14, Rom_6:15; Gal_5:4; (2) on the part of the receiver, a sense of the favor bestowed, a feeling of gratitude, e.g., Rom_6:17 ("thanks"); in this respect it sometimes signifies "to be thankful," e.g., Luk_17:9 ("doth he thank the servant?" lit., "hath he thanks to"); 1Ti_1:12; (c) in another objective sense, the effect of "grace," the spiritual state of those who have experienced its exercise, whether (1) a state of "grace," e.g., Rom_5:2; 1Pe_5:12; 2Pe_3:18, or (2) a proof thereof in practical effects, deeds of "grace," e.g., 1Co_16:3, RV, "bounty" (KJV, "liberality"); 2Co_8:6, 2Co_8:19 (in 2Co_9:8 it means the sum of earthly blessings); the power and equipment for ministry, e.g., Rom_1:5; Rom_12:6; Rom_15:15; 1Co_3:10; Gal_2:9; Eph_3:2, Eph_3:7.
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In Jam_4:6, "But He giveth more grace" (Greek, "a greater grace," RV, marg.), the statement is to be taken in connection with the preceding verse, which contains two remonstrating, rhetorical questions, "Think ye that the Scripture speaketh in vain?" and "Doth the Spirit (the Holy Spirit) which He made to dwell in us long unto envying?" (see the RV). The implied answer to each is "it cannot be so." Accordingly, if those who are acting so flagrantly, as if it were so, will listen to the Scripture instead of letting it speak in vain, and will act so that the Holy Spirit may have His way within, God will give even "a greater grace," namely, all that follows from humbleness and from turning away from the world. See BENEFIT, BOUNTY, LIBERALITY, THANK.
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2. euprepeia (G2143), "comeliness, goodly appearance," is said of the outward appearance of the flower of the grass, Jam_1:11.
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