How do we overcome fear?

How do we overcome fear?

To remove fear from our heart we must have perfect love (1John4:18). To have perfect love, is to have perfect faith in God; because God is love. When we have perfect faith in God, His love expressed through His sacrifice on the cross (in order to expiate for the sins we committed against Him) becomes a reality to us. We, therefore have an absolute confidence that He will protect us from evil. This frees us from anxiety and fear. Furthermore, because of this faith we too will forgive those who have betrayed us and have been unfaithful to us; and compensate for their offenses by sacrificing our pride and feelings, and by staying faithful to our commitments to them. In addition, because love is selfless, if we exercise love, we would be concerned about the pain and suffering of others, rather than our own. These would free us of jealousy, lust, hate and revenge.
Perfect love casts out all fear. And Jesus is perfect love. So the more I am in the presence of Jesus I learn to trust Him and the fear leaves


Cool you guys ... I love it .

When we think of non- christians and how fear is mongured in the media , T. V. and things that are happening all around us and I guess I am going back to 911 .... People were fearful becuse of not knowing how Jesus love overcomes fear . Fear can be a difficult thing even for a Christian to overcome .

Yes we know the scriptures but are we really believing them . ? I tell this to tell that when you are in the middle of a situation of fear , satan has you bound by that fear , and it has to be released in the Name of Jesus . I can speak through my own expereince and people quoting all these scriptures that I also knew but it took me a long time before I found God's peace through the storm .

Now I can understand " fear " in a different light and how it can overshadow a person if they let it. We all have to go through things in order to really grasp the power of the Blood of Jesus . And now I can say that perfect love casts out fear . Praise God .