How Do You Keep Your Kids Active?

How Do You Keep Your Kids Active?

Parents and Grandparents,

How do you keep children active? We hear so much about too much computer and TV, but how do you motivate children to get them active? What activities do you get them into?
It is such an effort to keep kids active. I have 3 children and when it is cold outside, it is very difficult. Recently, we bought each of our children a pedometer. We had a contest to see who could rack up the most steps in a week. By the end of the week, i was begging them to sit down. Now that we are having warmer days, we have walked to the store together and taken a bike ride together. I think it is easiest to get excercise with your children, and it is good for me, too.
The warmer days are easier to get them out and moving. Inside is the challenge.

I would suggest - limit TV, videos and computer use for starters.
Kids cominicate with each otehr more and more over the internet i.e. I.M., MySpace, E-mail and I think kids should be able to stay on their computers for as long as they want (within reasonable limits) as they learn more from going on a search engine or talking to different people than chopping the heads off lizards and killing ants (one of my friends favorite outside activities.)

Also about kids being overweight, it's probobly because they ate too much begining at birth. If you control their diet at the begining then the problem won't happen.
Age apropriate of coarse;)

Wash dishes, do laundry, clean room, vacuum, rake leaves, shovel snow, wash the car, cook, read the bible, help getting groceries, put out or work in a family garden. take care of a pet. Give them responcibilities, guidence and your time.

I know it's not politicaly correct:rolleyes: but it not only keeps them from vegetating in front of the screen thing (TV or computer), It helps mom and teaches them valuable life skills.

Then. . .Join them in as many activities and spend as much time as you can with them doing something ,anything or nothing.
Visit musums, Art ,History, science.
Movies, theater and for those days when it just isn't fit to go out:confused: play board games, work puzzles or just talk.

The more time you spend with them the less time they spend in front of a tube;)

Sincerely His
Theirs (The Children)
And yours
Yes of course. I forgot chores. Also I am against watching T.V. too much. I only watch T.V. for about 10 minutes tops a day.
How do you keep kids active?

Well, a good start would be to throw the idiot box out of the house.....:)

Get them outside on a bicycle, a dirt bike....snowmobile...or what have you. Fresh air will keep them active.

I keep saying over and over that TV wrecked family life in a big way.

I can't stand lazy couch potatoes.....throw the couch out as well!
Well, a good start would be to throw the idiot box out of the house.....:)

I'm the 2nd biggest geek I know when it comes to computers (The other one is a friend I met over the internet. (If you look at the online list I will be there the whole day (Mostly) exept for when I'm at school) They consume my life.... I guess that's unhealthy... I shall go outside and get some fresh air... OH-EM-GEEEEEE! IT'S SO FRESH AND CLEAN! Literally I don't get out of the house exept to go to school and every other saturday to go to my friend's. :eek: Exept a couple weeks ago then I went on a picknik with my sister. :p Then she invited her friends. :rolleyes:

Is this unhealthy? Should I change? Most of you are going to say yes.
It's like you said: most of us say yes.
No need to say more. I'v done my part about the idiot box and the couch.
When the idiot box appeared family life went down the tube.
The last 5 years or so the quality of programming has deteriated to such a low level I wouldn't leave my dog in a room with a TV set. :)