How do you listen to the Holy Spirit?

How do you listen to the Holy Spirit?

Im going over this in PM with someone, but because I understand everyone is different and its a very individual thing, I would love to hear from others as well.

So how do you listen to the Holy Spirit??
Thought, feeling or other.
and how do you discern it?

I am in the middle right now of discerning it, I know He is there speaking, I just cant discern it, so yeah...

I am filling with blessing for writing this right now, I can feel that, so please let loose what ever it is you wanna say, or PM it if your not comfortable saying it here..

Love you all :) God bless.

I have something happening thats kinda weird, I know I have alot of scripture to learn, I find new things everyday...
But theres this thing in me, this understanding, the Holy Spirit I think that gives me knowledge, theres times when I say things entirely scripture backed without even knowing the scripture, I have this feeling of understanding of the bible, its hard to explain.. because I still know that I need to learn the bible more and more, but its like all there, in me, just waiting to be reveled??
Hmmm, just a dot point on how I feel about Gods Word right now..
God's gotta grow it in you . and this takes time . God uses everything and everyone to speak to me . in ways they would not soon imagine . and talks in other more abstract seeming methods that are cool too .
comes from inside you.if you listen to people,could you stop every person in there tracks and ask if they believe in to listen to others would be worrying.the Holy spirit talks from inside you.don,t be fooled many are used to trick you .
Yes I get these feelings, just kinda confused at the moment but time will tell, people have told me a few things, which is good..
So if anything along the lines of that happens I know without a doubt, but still understand that everyone is different..
God bless.
When we get into His presence and worship that opens us up to hear him better. You learn His voice. And when I pray in the spirit quite a bit and then listen it seems to sensitize me to hear His voice better.
when i was in the process of coming to the Lord ,it was if a spirit was doing a running commentry through lots of people trying to stop people are like walk in wardrobes who are not saved.
Yes ,. the two or three confirmations system is flawed in that an entire principality can be messing with you . that's why all the messages need to be checked with God's characteristics embedded in the text of the bible . because even the text illuminates that some of the commandments by their nature were "of men" ala Colossians 2 .

I would say in a time of deception Love would be a better compass than truth . because truth is so easily misunderstood as correct information .. and that is exactly what the enemy uses to draw one into such a trap . good point Michael .
We can hear God's voice through so many facets of our life ... even the simple , engaging in nature and walking in His gardens we can see and hear from Him as we enjoy His creation and just take time to be quiet and listen to what He says .

We can hear Him through the reading of His word as He speaks through certain passages that are relevent to us at that time and place.

We hear Him as we listen to our conscience that says or checks our spirit such as " speeding " on the road and things of that nature. We can hear Him telling us something is not good for us but if we go ahead and do it some how we have an uncomfortable feeling and them we need to repent .

God's voice is the Holy Spirit in us when we have accepted Him as our Saviour . We just need to discern His voice from other voices and know that it is His ( Holy Spirit) convicting us .

Sometimes people make it too complicated and think they have to hear an audible voice but as Born Again , Christians as we study and pray we are receptive through our conscience telling us what is right and what is wrong .We get to know that the Holy Spirit is there guiding and directing .

At least that is the way I can explain it and how God speaks to me .