How Do You Spread Hope In A World That Seems To Be Giving Up

I'm old now. There was a more optimistic, hopeful attitude in the 60's and 70's than exists now. I fear for the young. People are becoming discouraged. We are at the beginning of the greatest age that has ever been lived; an age will we can live with God here on earth and the devil is stuck in a hole in the ground where he can't bother us. We can explore the universe and have God at our side. Sickness, hunger, poverty, will be unknown. We will help each other, allow each other to be different, and be allowed to grow. I see a real future here. But people can not see it. The young are taught about evolution, godless universe, the wonders of mankind. What nonsense. Everything good has been given by God. Everything bad has been pushed upon us from the enemy. I feel alone. I see what is happening now how we are sliding into a new Dark Age. I tried to light a match in writing my book but nothing lit.
When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoever reads, let him understand) Matthew 24
It will be a little late to change things. The Lord said to run.
We fight...

Being the people of God is a lonely exile among the masses-we fight the good fight to finish the race in faith. We fight with the Sword of the Lord-preaching the Gospel of truth and love.

I have so struggled not to give up. But when I am about too-I 'remember' what God has done for ME! This wretched soul-then I get up and realize how silly I sound feeling sorry for myself. I realize that there True Christians that will be martyred and persecuted today in ways we have only read about in the USA. But it's coming...

We fight...

Because we feel the heartbreak and see the souls walking the highways to Hell.

Fight my are not alone...Lord forgive me for being a cowardly soldier....
"So shines a good deed in a weary world." ~Shakespeare (and re-said by Willy Wonka).

I'm still young. I'm naïve and still have so much to learn, even when I feel like I'm smarter than the average bear. One thing I do know is that this world isn't new to weariness. In fact, I think it's safe to say this world has been through many peaks and valleys regarding hope, faith, and charity.

I could be wrong, but I attribute Liberalism (capital L) to the fuzziness of religion these days. And, with all due respect to our Progressive friends, I think it's soft Communism, which has a strong history of hatred for religion, especially the Stalin regime. I live in DC, one of the most Liberal cities in the country, and many many people I know or get to meet despise Christianity.

In college, a lot of my professors were very anti-religion and refused to acknowledge anything positive that was not Left of Mao. The media is vigilantly anti-God. Peter Viereck, a 1950s poet, described anti-Catholicism as "the thinking man's anti-Semitism." As a former protestant, I think it's safe to extend this to all Christians, both Catholics and Protestants.

But before we get discouraged, I've been seeing more and more young people expressing their devotion to God. It's really encouraging. We should fight the discouragement, continue to pray, continue to forgive those who hate us, be ready to defend the faith, and also listen to their problem's with the faith so that we can refute their arguments with love.

"If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you."
~John 15:18
What I pray for is the undeniable witness of Acts 3. Everyone knew the beggar that sat at the Gate Beautiful. And everyone could see that he was healed. The same people who condemned Jesus were left speechless, they could not deny the miracle. That was when the church went under attack when the power of God couldn't be denied. I hope for the same faith in this age that the church becomes relevant to what is happening around us.