How Does God Work Through Our Difficult Lives?

Well, I'll be honest here. I personally love and hunger for God very much. I've ever overcome some difficulties in my life before but is not that difficult to be solve. I knew that God wants us to have bad things in our lives so that we can overcome and become more mature in our lives. He loves everyone, and he will never forsake his children. But here in my life I felt that I'm really going through a very difficult live. Because I feel alone in my life always, gone through my secondary life. I could feel that I'm absolutely empty. I mean those feeling of without friends, I don't like the feeling of being alone but I always being alone. I didn't know why did God make such a life for me. I'm really wonder about it. I almost can say that I don't feel the LOVE always, maybe I can say I've never have love in my life(I didn't know about the future). I know God is love, I know he loves me. I know, I know, I know.. But do you know that the love I'm looking for is not about words? I want to taste it. There's a time I'm in a church meeting(youth meeting). The sermon is about Attitude. When the sermon almost finishes, the preacher asked those who want to change their attitude go in front of the stage. So I went, there's a guy who pray for me. He said several words for me, but there is a word that made me really felt love and I cried because of the word. He said to me, "God wants me to be different." These words made me cried and that is the FIRST time I felt LOVE come upon me. But even though I still feel empty right now. Maybe you couldn't feel what am I feeling, but all I could say is I still feel empty. I think I need counsel. If could hope someone can remember me in prayer and pray for me. :D I'll stay strong in God even though it's hard. Don't worry.
You are entering another phase of your life. School behind you and work ahead of you. You will make friends in the career path you choose. You don't have friends at church? o_O
I felt a bit without friends when I finished high school, I didn't have any close friends at my school, none that I have kept in touch with since. Seems to me that secondary school isn't always the best place for making friends, it's one environment and maybe just not one where you fit. That place will come. I never fit at high school but I did at university and have made lifetime friends there.

Just look to God, seek him and you will find him (eventually as it may sometimes feel like). His love is always there and more than we can comprehend, and he is always watching over us when we are feeling at our worst. One thing that struck me around this time is this; I always thought that when Jesus died on the cross that he did it for the masses, that the sheer number of people he could save made it worth it. Not anymore. At that time in my life he was telling me that if only one person was saved by it... if it was just me or if it was just you, it would still have been worth it. Not for who we are, but for his incredible love. Now that is love far beyond what makes any sort of sense, that is the sort of love God has for us.

Stay strong and keep that hunger, it is great to hear you seek him out so strongly.
When i made a move in my life about a year ago to seek God. It required that i move away from friends and family that i had known all my life. He blessed me through that sacrifice though. I now have an amazing community of friends, and people that i would call family. He upgraded me, and gave me a stronger community of people hungry for God than i have ever known.

Stay true and faithful to God, and He will return these same ideals, and then some! :D

To receive God's love in our life, sometimes we have to make room for it. So sometimes you may need to forgive certain individuals who have wronged you, or who you felt offended by. Ask God if there is anything in the way of you receiving His love.

Blessings & Peace,