How God Blesses Us...

As of a year and 7 months ago (almost two years) my husband and I felt lead to take my husband's hobby and turn it into a full time job. He repairs computers, TVs and anything that plugs in. We took a plunge, a scary plunge..but we knew it was God's will for us. We got a store front and my husband kept his part time job as I worked at our store was scary for me because our business specialized in things I had never done before. I acted as his secretary setting up appointments for the little time he had free. We held on to this routine for 6 months until the point that we had saved $1000 for a safety net. And then my husband quit his job and we became full time business owners and self employed. Little did we know how God was going to take care of us.

People say the first year of owning a business is hard and you will either make it or you won't. Well we stayed faithful to God relying on him to bring us customers considering it is his business not ours Also relying on him to provide for us a living. All the work we do is for his glory. Well I can't tell you how blessed we are to still be in business and God sends us a lot of work our first year we haven't went hungry or missed a bill. There were times where two days before our bills were due we didn't have money to pay it and then within the next day just in time the money showed up in our bank. God is soo good. We try please God with our business...if there is any decisions that are made my husband and I always pray about it. God is our boss. And we like it that way. If God blesses us with more than what we can live on we ask him where to put it. Our business wouldn't be alive without God.