How God saved my life [testimony]

So, i was about to go to Utah on foot to confront my ex in a homeless shelter in midvale, but before i did i gotten a hold of my state id so when i went to the border crossing i can show the officals that i was clearly an american, however before I did I prayed for a safe trip and I prayed for my family because what i would have been doing was causing them pain and i didn't want that.

I also prayed for a safe trip, however before i did anything else I went to my room because I wanted God's input on what i was doing,I prayed that he'll show me a sign in my dream if he could garntee a safe trip and my safety on the road,I told him to show me something postive in my dream if i should and something negitive if i shouldn't.

well Satan came in and for some strange reason I had a star wars dream and he looked like Yoda.


Now how i knew it was satan because he told me to go and to abandon my family, now I know thats something God will never tell me to do, so I woke up and prayed again for God's answer and to sleep, now these words came into my head

"Danger, something." all i think i saw was danger,so that night I didn't go and the next night i figured I'd do the same thing again and ask God to show me somethin postive if he aggress with me or something negitive if he disaggree's, I also asked him to sift my dream and to prevent satan from poping in my dream again, So in the dream I had i saw myself getting shot.

And that was that my plans for walking to Utah are scrapped and i'd like to praise God for potentally saving my life,because once I hit the road and went out my front door who knows what could have happened.
Thank you Robert for sharing a very encouraging testimony of God's goodness and grace towards His children. And how much He loves us to keep us safe.