How God Used My Granddaughter To Save My Life.

It was a stormy night when my stomach started aching severely that I couldn't even move. I pressed it hardly to release anything out with the thought that it could give me some relief. That was the first time in my life that I felt such a severe pain in my stomach, and I didn't have any idea that it was not a common stomach pain. I started calling my wife who sleeps with our granddaughter a bit away from my bed. We made this sleeping arrangement in the room because that small girl wants to sleep with us in the room always. That's how close she is to us among my other 2 grandchildren. Then, I was helpless at that moment and my wife slept soundly because of the stormy weather and the cold climate. Fortunately, my granddaughter, Tyrice Malacaman, had awakened and asked for a bottle of milk which she normally didn't do. That was the strong signal that caused my wife to wake up and asked the guys in the other rooms to bring me to the hospital immediately. We soon realized that she's the instrument of God to prolong my life for good.
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