How Great Thou Art

Always good to bring the old classic hyms back.
My church sings this song, and its great because its a great hym, and its like a tribute for a really old couple in church.
Check out the live version of Passion Worship Band's - How Great is Our God (the album is also called How Great is Our God). At the end they flow right into How Great Thou Art. The whole crowd is singing in perfect unison.....awesome. It gives me chills every time.

Thank you so much Boanerges. I know the song, but haven't heard it in a while, really nice. There are certain songs and when I hear them it puts me in His presence, this is one of those. It is not about being entertained by the music, it may be the Holy Spirit moving, but I'm sure it's nothing more than others also feel. All I know it's just a feeling of absolute surrender to our Creator.