How has CFS helped you? Need your recommendation


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How has CFS helped you? Need your recommendation

I need your your honest feedback (short or long) of how you enjoyed Christian Forum Site
and why you would recommend it to your friends. I'll be joining CFS to certain programs
which may require such recommendations to considered. :bow::cap:

I love this forum and felt right at home from the first day!
The admin is always on top of everything and is very kind and helpful~
I love the different sub forums which provide for many interesting topics.
Everyone is kind and friendly and because of the comfort and acceptance I've recieved I have been able to communicate easily, allowing me to learn quite a bit more about The Gospel!
This place and the members are like family to me.
Abba Father, I thank you for leading me to this wonderful Ministry that is known as CFS and I ask that you bless those that you have placed in poistion to be the Covering. Lead them with the wisdom and compassion of the Holy Spirit. I have come to see that they are One with You and that Your anointing has filled this forum with your children seeking Your Truth. I lift this prayer into Your presence and offer it in the precious name of Your Son Jesus Christ, Amen.
I haven't been on this forum very long, but so far I see the people here love God, and I see them accepting and loving of others.

Thank you for loving me and accepting me just the way I am.
I loved it when people could discuss and sometimes disagree without fearing getting kicked off for not being a member of an 'agenda army' instead of the Body of Christ.
I like the idea of sharing ideas and encouraging others. What I like about this forum is that it isn't filled with people arguing all the time about pointless things. I've also noted that the Moderators are on top of a lot the issues going on within the forums. They intervene when necessary and look out for the security of its members.
I found CFS at a time when I was really coming to terms with my faith. What amazed me was how quickly I felt at home here. I could ask a question and not feel stupid. There is truly a sense of family at CFS. There is also a wealth of knowledge amongst the members. Everyone here is truly passionate about Christ and they share their passion and knowledge without fail. Members are there to support one another, to help answer questions, to pray for each other and to share a laugh or two. It's small enough to be friendly but large enough to be active. I thank God everyday for my friends and family at CFS!
I'm so thankful to Jesus that He helped me to find this forum site.
I feel here like at home! From the first day I found help, support, kindness and love from you and other members. So it's like a family for me!

Thanks God for the CFS!!! And Thank you!!! :)
I love this site. Everybody here is very kind, caring, understanding and you all just seem to be very good people. I have learned some things from reading some of the threads others have posted here. It is without a doubt the best message board I have ever registered on!
People actually love God and are very caring and loving. Although from time to time we have a few loose screwed people we still are a family walking step by step together in Jesus Name all the way.:dance::jesus-sign::amen:
i think it is a very good site,very understanding in our journeys to our saviour.all of us have been through lots of troubles,and at diffrent stages.keep it up .:israel:
It is my great pleasure to encourage others in Christ and CFS is an awesome venue for that- It has been really enjoyable getting to talk to people from so many different backgrounds and places of origin, each seems to add a fresh perspective or as I call it flavour to the faith-It has been a priviledge to be associated with so many fine brothers and sisters and I am honored to be a part-Our Father puts His love in our hearts- where would we be without a chance to share it with our brethren- I fully believe God sent me to CFS during this my time of physical disability and indeed it has given new purose to my days- many, many thanks to Jeff and all here- in His Name Larry