How many guitar players?

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Placing this thread in the top sticky area of the Music, TV and Movies area for any new members who didn't see this thread as yet.

Please feel free to join in. :)

We also gave a Guitar Club which can be found here:

... or you can click on "Commumity" in the gold navigation bar at the top of the main page and then click on 'Uncategorized".

I've been playing different musical instruments since I was a kid, but I love the bass guitar. I also have a Fender fretless Jazz bass but recently added a sweet Ibanez solid black, I have a practice Baseman 200 and a 500 Peavy to make big noise :)

Pastor Gary

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Hey, Onu11 - If you wish to be among a bunch of really nice guitar folks, please register and join us at:

You do not have to be a Fender Guitar owner to join...

If you need any pointers just let me know. I have been playing bass since 1964...

As soon as you have posted 5 times here at CFS, you will have new features opened up to you including Private Messaging. I am assisting one other new bassist at this time with questions that she has, so once you can PM and need anything explained at all, please feel free to contact me. Until then, use this thread for any questions that you might have.


Pastor Gary
I play on the worship team for about 10 years and have been playing for over 40 years. At the moment I have 2 Takamines one twelve string and one six string ( my fav ) 2 Fender Mex Telecasters one Squier Stratocaster one Epiphone Standard Les Paul. I push them through 2 Marshall amps at church a AS50R solid state 50 watt acoustic guitar amp and a Haze 15 watt all tube guitar amp. For home I use two 5watt Fender all tube amps. I don't use effects only the EQ on the guitars. I love our Lord Jesus and right now I just play in service for Him. I am a single dad with two children a boy 11 and a girl 14 also guitar players and my daughter also has been playing on the worship team for almost a year.
I'm mostly a 3 chord wonder on guitar. I did have a couple of classical lessons, did learn how to fingerpick freight train but I can't do what I want (find the 1.2 chords to fit Irish music or to quickly flat pick on one)

GDAE picked strings became my best things.

Here is me on guitar though
To add to that again, God did give me the gift of music, But outside sessions (eg. I can only record short snippets of myself before I fall apart) can I use it?
Btw that hornpipe melody who's name I do not know was played on an old beaten up Fylde Falstaff which is unplayable now. I must get it fixed on day. Mine was 2nd hand and well used but they are well over £1000 new.
Would like to share this testimony. Started as a trainee for heavy metal rock. God saved me and played bass for several churches and bands. Gospel only. a few years ago, Jesus had me pick up a 6 stringer. learned to play 7 major chords by memo in 2 days. One day the Lord spoke to me about music. He said are you ever going to play rock again--no sir---He then said he was giving me the gift of music. Since that time, play drums, bass, guitars 6 and 12 string, accordian, keyboard, sax, harmonica, violin, melodian, flute, upright bass, clarinette, Then stopped most of them. God then gave me the only music talent in the world. Have been in newspapers, cameras flashing, extreme excitement. Then times of worship leading in churches.
it didn't stop there, he gave talents and abilities that cause people to sit on the edge of their seats.
Now I play piano with my feet and 12 or 6 stringer guitar and some harmonica with that. God seperated my brain into 3 parts of perception so as to play all 3 with full attention.
Now for years he tells me the secrets of his bible no one knows. It is all because of his glory which rests on those fully surrendered to him.
I'm a guitarist,bassist and keyboard player too, but I am now sttling on guitar, andI'm playing a ibanez SA series guitar and a Yamaha stratocaster because I can't afford to buy a fender stratocaster
The Lord gave me wisdom on my equipment for music and saved me a minimum of 1,600.00 bucks. I already had everything I needed. My deal is even better than anything you can buy. Accept if you have the same thing. God is worthy of all praise and he is my joy.
Through the music experiment it worked. The reason for the buzz in my bass speaker was because the power head was too powerful for one speaker. The Lord helped me to see that and now the power divides into 2 speakers. It sounds awesome---thank you Jesus. I'm serious by the way the Holy Spirit shows things like that as we listen to his voice.
After crank up high there is no more buzz and no need to buy anything now.

tip---new strings on your guitar regularly will give you the best sound.
more has developed. Instead of having to rid of the speaker and power head it is now possible to crank the volume low and microphone it to my PA. That way no harm to the speaker and can continue to use it for God's glory. My power head is called the Peavey musician model. it sounds great. You can see my you tube videos at title of Davidt Coleman. They are being put there as lessons in praise and worship.
One thing that really makes a difference is having a good video camera. Am not pleased with the quality of mine. When you watch the you tube videos it hasn't really picked up the bass. When I scratched my strings before the song it sounds good live but on the video like a terrible noise.

The good news is that for me to make a video lasting 6 minutes was taking 3 hours to upload. Through searching for the answer , found that a MP4 converter would down size it. God blessed me with a free one. Now it took 20 minutes to load on God tube and you tube.

I will experiment with cutting volume down with my PAs to record next video.
Through my music God showed me how to preach my series of 31 sermons. It has eliminated teaching it in 31 days, now it will just be 1-2 days. That will allow for many other series to be shared which may take longer. The reason I mention things like this is because many pick up a guitar and play as compared to God teaching them how to be a real artist.