How old should you be before beging the Bible?

How old should you be before beging the Bible?

Just wanted to know what you guys thought.

But I'm not talking about reading like one of those Childrens Bibles with the drawing and pictures and words so children can understand, I mean the Bible in it's entirety with everything in it and nothing out.
You might want to try going to a Christian book store like Lifeway and looking at their selection. They have dozens of varities and many are specifically oriented for younger folks. The scripture is still the same, but there are sidebars and other material that reveral how the scripture applies specifically to your situation.

Go "test drive" a few and find the one you like most. There's nothing quite like the feeling of finding a Bible that really allows God to speak to you.
If you are old enough to want to read it you are old enough to read it
Age has little to do with it

It's not a matter of age. It is a matter of belief and commitment to God. Without true belief and commitment (faith) reading the bible at any age is a waste of time at best and at worst the foundation of herecy and the basis of the ungodly attacks upon the faith.
The publishing of God's holy word for the public is most likely one of the most greavous sins mankind has ever commited.
Man has taken that which is holy and sacred and reduced to a common bottom self offering at Walmart. Along side home improvement and self help books it means nothing more than another intelectual or entertaining option even to many professing Christians.

The bible in it's whole form is not a child's play thing. While many of its accounts and precepts can be of value when taught to children as stories, much of it requires a maturity and understanding of principles, precepts and accounts of life that are far beyond that of pre teens.

It is the age of accountabiblity and there after when if a person feels the personal need to that they should begin to read and study the scriptures in ernest.

in His word
there's no age limit. i started taking an interest in the bible @ the age of 8-9. i didn't understand the parables back then. i took everything literally. e.g the parable about the bad and good trees. i thought the trees outside our house had to be healthy and strong coz if they weren't we'd go to hell. i didn't know back then that the trees refered to us! :D good trees are saved and the bad ones are burnt. good people go to heaven and the bad to hell. but even though i didn't understand the parables back then, im still glad i read a bit of the bible.

there's a little kid @ youth. he's about 6 & he loves dancing for the lord and reciting bible verses.
I agree with the others. God is the source of wisdom, so no matter how old you are, I'm sure if you're willing to seek the truth, God will give us the understanding.
age isn't a real problem, just like the others said.
But children need to understand what they read or hear.
I started in the bible when I was 7, and that was just to early. At 9, will children be able to understand most of what they read, (I think).
But I should just give them a bible specially for teen/young people.
It is the age of accountabiblity and there after when if a person feels the personal need to that they should begin to read and study the scriptures in ernest.

I agree with Theophilus age of accountability is when one should start the bible studies. Now that age believe will be different for all.

Pastor Rick :preach:
It is and was (now with my grandson) our practice to put as much bible time into our children as we possibly can, from the womb they were surrounded by it and we will keep pouring it on them as long as we or they are given breath- songs, videos, scripture memorization, prayer and laying on of hands - anyway we can- when they were old enough to read they had childrens bibles and as they got older they were taught God's Word not only at church but at home. As they matured they began to read on their own . Now that they are growing up and finding the world, life and other interests competing for their time they already have God's Word planted in their hearts- We still encourage and pray for them but they are making their own decisions in many areas now-and we have peace that God will ultimately guide them into His will for their lives- Larry
I would think that as soon as you can read then thats when you can start to read it. You may not be able to read all of the bible but you can read a few stories in it or even go out and buy a Story Bible that have a bunch of stories that are meant for younger kids.
I'm no theologist:rolleyes: ,
but I think it's a maturity issue as well as one of faith and reading level.
There's a lot of dirty stuff in the Bible; there's no denying that. There are passages that I don't think kids should read until they understand the facts of life, death, and everything in between.
If it were my kid (which I don't have any, so this is coming from nowhere in particular), I'd keep him/ her on the children's bible until he/she was mature enough to understand the big stuff.
I believe it doesn't matter the age, however, the bible makes more sense once you've aquired the Holy Ghost
I began the new testament when i was like 15 (to get a good view of Jesus) then started the OT when I was 17 and am in the process of re-reading the NT now i am 18.
Remember there are many teenagers spoken of in the Bible: Joseph, Daniel, Samuel, the Virgin Mary..doesn't matter your age as long as you've got the Spirit of God in you.
If you are old enough to want to read it you are old enough to read it

to that!