How to Evangelize to Friends who are not saved.

Live your life filled with the Love of God. Let Him work through you.

And when people ask you why you're different, you can tell them.

You're not forcing God on them, you're showing them the God who loves them and sent His Son to die for them.

Oh, and don't forget to pray that the Spirit will soften their hearts and open their eyes and ears to accept the message.
I agree w/ this, I remeber asking my aunt how to love others the way God does, and to do that, your reltionship has to be extremely close w/ God so he can pour his love in and through you, and I think when they see that love, his love coming from you, they'll be attracted to him :)

Juwst keep praying, and like one user said, don't be overly spiritual, bc I agree they will think we are nuts , or more popularly "brain washed" just be yourself, live by the ten commands and I think once they see that you're a true christian (which is probably less than 5% now and days XD ) actually follow God's commands , and do the show not tell approach, that they'll take it more seriously :)
good luck.
Some great advice above from all our fellow forum members.
Also, can I add that some people consider themselves to be good people that are not in need of saving. Therefore, it is biblical and effective to first help them understand that they are a sinner (do it in love, with out judgement); help them to "self-diagnose" their own sinfulness first. then when they show signs of recognizing their state of being lost, their ear will be more softened to hear the Good News about the Savior. More details and practical steps explaining this further can be found here
Christmas season is an opportune time to talk to friends about Christ. Consider giving them something to read or watch...a book or video or Christmas cd as a door opener. You can ask them later what they thought of it. Listening and asking questions is a good way to begin the conversation The words from many Christmas carols present the Gospel clearly.
God sent his son to tell you how to survive.
you still are punished for your sins.
or you think God saves his horrible friends and pains an innocent.?
then you truely agree with scapegoat theory.
i for 1 hope scapegoat is false because a serial killer would be laughing at all of humanity.
One of the most effective ways to preach to non-believing friends is simply through the way we live. When they see our love for other believers in action, they'll know we're connected to the Vine. (John 13:35) And I don't mean fake, superficial love either. I'm talking genuine, lay-down one's life for a friend-style love - the kind Jesus preached and practiced. (John 15:13)

When they see us sharing, and not being greedy, they'll know we're different. (Acts 2:44-45) When they see our honesty and sincerity in the way we conduct ourselves daily, we'll be speaking to their condition.

And, of course, when we preach to them the great words from the Good Book, we'll be evangelizing our friends. Let's just not forget to leave the rest of our witness undone as we do.