How To Love Your Enemies?

Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies, offer the other cheek if slapped on one and express sacrificial love towards them (Matthew 5:43-48). He practiced these teachings in his own life when he sacrificed his own life so that those who hurt and betrayed him may have eternal life. He accepted pain and suffering quietly, and offered no resistance though he had the power to overcome his executioners. Furthermore, he forgave and prayed for his them, and was concerned about the hurt they were causing themselves by their unjust actions rather than his own suffering. We, however find it extremely hard to follow these teachings, especially when we have repeatedly been hurt and betrayed. We therefore continue to harbor hate and revengeful thoughts towards those who hurt us. This disturbs the peace in our heart and those around us. If, however, we follow his teachings out of pure obedience, we allow his spirit (which is unconditional love) to work in our heart. This will set us free from the oppression of hate and revenge. Furthermore, if the other party is open to his Spirit, through our prayers and actions they too will accept his spirit. This will end the cycle of hate and hurt in the world.