How to Pray with Authority (Part 2)


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How to Pray with Authority (Part 2)

How to Pray with Authority (Part 2)

Here are some suggestions if you and I are going to be able to come to God and pray with a sense of authority, and confidence, and assurance, and expectation that the Holy God in Heaven is going to answer our prayer.

1. Have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ that begins with Salvation but is growing in your relationship with Him.

a. You cannot grow in your relationship with Him until you grow in the knowledge of Him.

2. The only way to have authority with God is to know what God thinks.

a. To know what God things is to read what God says in His word. Then you begin to get the heart of God, mind of God, the Spirit of God, and the Word of God. When you and I begin to look into the Scriptures, and He gives us a promise about anything; when we come to Him our Authority is based on what we know He has promised in His word.

b. For instance, when you promise your child something, and they come back to you and say, “Mommy, Daddy, you promised,” they are coming back with the authority of what you said, the promise you made to them. They expect you to honor your promise the same way we expect God to honor His promises.

c. So, we can go to God and say, “Father, you said in your word that if I have a need, opportunity or desire; you said that I have the right to come to you and expect you to meet this need, desire, or opportunity.

d. Father, you said in your word, “My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.

e. If you do not know the Bible, you cannot pray with authority unless you know what God says.

f. One of the ways to strengthen your confidence in God and to be able to come to Him with authority is:

i. Find a prayer in the Bible that relates to something you’re praying about and bring it to God and say, “Lord, David brought this to you, Daniel brought this to you, if you did it for them, I know that you will do it for me. Then, let God know what you want

g. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

We are to get in the word and find God’s promise and stand on His word and say “God, here’s what you said, and God if you said it, then you are committed to fulfilling your word.

3. Purity of Heart – We cannot come to the Lord with any kind of authority of whatsoever. We cannot come to Him with any kind of confidence. If you come to Him and your heart is not pure. Satan will let you have it. He will say, “you don’t think God’s going to answer that?” Sin in the heart weakens your faith, weakens our confidence, and causes us to bow our heads before God in shame because of our disobedience. You cannot come to God with Authority if there is Sin in your heart.

4. Must be Purity of motive – That is, what is my motive for the request.

5. I must have a persistent, confidence in the faithfulness of God. This does not mean being up one day and down the next. If I am going to come to God with authority, I’ve got to come to Him based on what He says in the word. Always being able to look back and say God did this, that, the other.

a. We should keep a journal of God’s interventions in our lives. When you look back at what God has done in your life that is a great faith booster. Then you can say, God on the basis of what you’ve done before, on the basis of what you’ve promised in Your Word…..

i. Above everything else, the thing that gives us the confidence to go to Him with Authority is this: “That our Heavenly and Righteous God is faithful to keep his word. He is going to be faithful to his nature, faithful to his character and when we come to Him, God is going to do what we ask when we ask according to His will and on the basis of His word.”

6. Things we need to deal with:

a. False sense of humility – I don’t want to ask too much

b. We have a problem of asking and looking at our circumstances – When we look at our circumstances, what happens is: Our faith melts and doubt rises up to take over.

7. We must learn to come to God based on what He has promised, not what we think.

If we are willing to follow the above mentioned things, your:
· Prayer life will change
· Your life will change
· The people around you whom God wants to affect through you will begin to feel the unbelievable, indescribable, supernatural power of an omnipotent God working through your life.

I hope that you all enjoy and be blessed by it. In Jesus name I pray…AMEN